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Resources produced by TfC to help address questions regarding aspects of tendering

TfC White Papers

Detailed, in-depth information and guidance for Business Development Managers, Tendering Professionals and Senior Managers in Provider organisations and companies. ...

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CQC Widget for Download

One of a range of new services introduced by the CQC. The widget allows people to find out about the history of care in an area as well as the services currently operating. ...

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Difficulties Ahead for Large Charities

It is becoming clear that some ;arger providers, particularly in the voluntary and charitable sector are finding it more and more difficult to retain contracts when they are re-tendered. Cultures which are predicated upon the delegation of management responsibility and an overall lack of monitoring of outcome/output on a contract by contract basis at Senior Management and Board level is becoming a distinct barrier to contract award for an increasing number of providers ...

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Collusion or Competition

With the increasing competition for contracts in the Health and Social Care sectors it is understandable that some providers find it difficult to tender successfully and the idea of working with others is attractive. However, very strict rules have been developed under both UK and EU law which mean that simply attending a meeting to discuss collaboration could be breaking the law. This amounts to a very real personal risk for Trustees and Directors.A currently popular model of collaboration which is being co ...

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Performance Bonds

These instruments appear to be causing consternation and difficulties for some provders. Indeed more than one provder has attempted to challenge the inclusion of the requirement for a Performance Bond in the tendering process.Providers frequently query: what these instruments are; their validity; the legality of the demands by purchasers that such a Bond should be in place; costs involved how they work. The attached document sets out what these Bonds are, why they are used, what they mean for providers and ...

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Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social ResponsibilityA general definition of CSR which has been adopted by the European Commission is: "CSR is a consept whereby companies decide voluntrarily to contribute to a better society and a cleaner environment" So CSR has a great deal to with how the tenderer relates to the local community.Clearly the use of volunteers is an important aspect of the CSR but also is: purchasing from local suppliers; helping service users to act as volunteers in the community; services for older people linki ...

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Due Diligence for Tendering

There are a number of aspects of Due Diligence which are important for those involved in the tendering process: 1) Tendering and procurement may be perceived as a highly structured due diligence exercise, indeed we are now seeing requirements included in tender documents such as     .......to provide full details, including timings of all due diligence to be conducted prior to the award of the contract"... 2) It is essential that all organisations considering any form of collaborative working such ...

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ISO 9001:2008 Facts and Fallacies

Much confusion remains amongst providers regarding the value of obtaining the international certification standards in Management, Environmental Management and Health and Safety to Tenders. What is now very clear is that the ISO 9001:2008 has become, in many tenders, a pass/fail requirement. It is also difficult, unless this certification is in place, to provide evidence in the tender of the effeciency or the management systems which exist in the provider's organisation. A distinct advantage for providers in ...

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