Tendering for Care


Blended Learning

An approach which combines a face-to-face session with our highly effective online mentoring and access to web based resources. ...

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Online Courses in Tender Preparation

A Highly Cost-effective solution to the problem of understanding and keeping up with current requirements for tender preparation and other apsect of tendering. Do you want training in aspects of tendering and procurement for you and/or your colleagues, but time pressures mean that you are unable to attend face to face courses? Then the unique webinar style of online courses for health, medical and social care providers which TfC has pioneered over the past two years could help. From the comfort of your desk, ...

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Consortium Development Programme

Help, mentoring and support for those involved in the development of a consortium for tendering purposes. The TfC Consortium Development Programme was devised in response to requests for more "hands-on" help than training courses. providers asked for help and faciltiation during the tender formation process. The current trend is for purchasers to tender for "bigger, broader" contracts with ever more extensive contractual requirements set out in the specification. Whereas, in the past, tenders have tended to ...

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Tendering as a Consortium

Are you faced with a tender specification which includes services which you cannot deliver, or of which you have no experience? Do you want to find out about the processes, advantages and perils of collaborative tendering? Do you need to know how to set up a consortium using methods which are within the law and avoid the risks of legal challenge or the fines which can be imposed on providers who get it wrong? Many purchasers are seeking to reduce their costs by managing fewer contracts. This requires broader ...

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CPD and Tendering

Continuous Professional Development (CPD) now has a significant role to play in increasing the competitiveness of providers tendering for contracts with purchasers using NHS and other health service funds. As Local Authorities take over the role of contracting from PCTs, and GP Commissioning develops, the role of CPD in the providers service offer will increase further for those tendering for health and social care contracts. Indeed the CPD requirement is becoming more widely recognised across the social car ...

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