Tendering for Care

Learn more Specialists in public sector tendering support and tender writing for all care services including health, social, medical, nursing and primary care, GP and dental services, housing and consultancy.

  • Care Tendering Courses - Open

    JUNE COURSE DATES - Learn about the increasing demands and rigours of care tendering as new rules come into force in 2015. It is all change in the way winning tenders are prepared. These two new courses from TfC will explain what the changes are and how health and social care providers can tender successfully ...

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  • Assessment of Capacity and Capability

    Tendering is about providing convincing evidence that the provider has both the capacity and capability to deliver the particular contract as specified.This means that providers must plan well ahead to ensure that everything is in place to enable them to provide the confidence regarding contract delivery which purchasers want to see. ...

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  • Mobilisation Planning and Placement Service

    Effective mobilisation planning is new requirement which demands new skills and is increasingly becoming a common feature of health and social care tendering. The mobilisation phase of the delivery of a new contract can make excessive demands upon staff time. The short term placement of a mobilisation expert can help to alleviate these demands and also ensure effective delivery in the long term. ...

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