Tendering for Care

Is your Organisation Ready for BREXIT?

It appears likely that BREXIT will finally be with us on 31st October. Information to help health and Social Care providers prepare.

It now looks as if BREXIT is coming on 31st October. In any case it is now a good idea for health and social care providers who tender for public contracts to find out how they will be affected, especially what WTO/GPA membership is all about. Today (18th September) the government published a call for bids for funding to help companies to prepare for BREXIT. The government's "Yellowhammer Report" also sets out an assumed worst case scenario for health and social care. This and more is available in our attached weekly announcement document.

Our weekly "Announcements" was devised to ensure that health and social care providers are well informed on all aspects of the tendering and procurement environment in which they work; now BREXIT preparation is our main concern . Subscriptions are £140 p.a. (incl VAT) for 50 issues.

You will also receive a complimentary copy of our Background and Checklist fo the Contract Management Standard (CMS) providing with detailed information about what the government is recommending that purchasers should looko for as examples of best practice in terms of contract management.

This is your opportunity to keep winning!

Please contact us at info@tenderingforcare.com or telephon 01629 57501 fto subscribe


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