Tendering for Care

Are you Ready for BREXIT?

What might BREXIT, or a "leave" vote in the 23rd June Referendum mean for tendering in social care?

This is an updated 2015 paper produced by TfC for its Members which looks at the possible implications for social care providers of a "leave" vote in the forthcoming June Referendum.

The paper sets out the options and the realities as well as providing a list of suggestions as to what providers could usefully be doing now to prepare for the future, regardless of the outcome.

This item was published in TfC's weekly e-journal "Staying Ahead" which is devised to ensure that health and social care providers are well informed on all aspects of the tendering and procurement environment in which they work. Subscriptions are £140 p.a. (incl VAT) for 50 issues.

Please contact us at info@tenderingforcare.com or telephon 01629 57501 for more information


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