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Understanding Successful Tendering Courses

Training courses from the only company which specialises in supporting providers tendering for contracts in the health and social care sectors. The volume of contracts secured in 2013 with our help was £131m ...

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TfC's New System for tendering pays off

In June 2013 we received the best result ever from a tendering round. Our customer scored 99/100 for an Adult Social Care & Support tender process using TfC's new tendering system. There was a field of 33 applicants. This was followed by two further scores of a similar level. Later in the year a customer was included in a framework of six from a field of 82 tenders. During 2013, with TfC's help tenderers were awarded contracts with a totla volume of £132m. ...

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Legal Challenge to a Council Spending Cap

A legal challenge has been lodged against a council policy to limit social care spending.  A 16-year-old disabled man, known as D, has applied for a judicial review of Worcestershire Council's expenditure cap policy which would, usually, limit council spending on community-based care packages for those aged under 65 to the cost of meeting their needs in residential. Some providers say that this will linit the possibillities for independent living in the community and as a result ...

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Programme to move people out of long stay hospitals

Tough new corporate accountability proposals in response to Winterbourne View. A commitment to move out of long stay hospital every person with a learning disability or autism who does not need to be there was made today by Care and Support Minister Norman Lamb. ...

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Summary of responses to the draft Care and Support Bill consultation

The Department has published a summary of the views received as part of the consultation process on the draft Care and Support Bill. Public consultation on the draft bill was from 11 July to 19 October 2012. Over 1,000 comments were received, with around 430 unique respondents submitting written comments via email, post and the dedicated draft Care and Suppport Bill website ...

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Taking Account of Past Performance

The Cabinet Office published a Procurement Policy Note (PPN) - effective 8th November 2012 - setting out new requirements for purchasers to check the performance of tenderers in delivering previous contracts. ...

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Providers win Challenge Over Fees to be Paid for Care

In a recent case care home providers asked the Court to consider whether Newcastle City Council had acted fairly when setting the rates that it is prepared to pay for care home placement. The case was heard in September and the judgement was publlished on 26th October of this year. In an important judgement for all care providers the Court found in their favour,stating that the Council had not followed a fair process. A key point at issue in this case was the requirement for Local Authorities to undertake a ...

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Competition a requirement for CCGs

The most important principle which underpins all procurement is “competition”. This is made clear in Securing best value for NHS patients which was published for consultation by the Department of Health in August. The document is in the form of proposals for regulations for the NHS Commissioning Board and clinical commissioning groups The draft procurement requirements make the maintenance of a ‘level playing field’ for competing providers from all sectors mandatory. The document pro ...

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