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Contract Management Standard

Detailed information on what public sector purchasers are looking for as evidence of effective contract management?

Contract Management Standard (CMS)

An essential guidance document for all levels of management in supplier organisations which tender for pu9blic sector contracts

In August 2019 the government published detailed guidance for civil servants and other public sector purchasers setting out what best practice in contract management should look like. It has been possible to extract a detailed checklist from the Standard document showing what suppliers should be doing to meet the government's definitions of "Good Practice" in Contract Management.

The Standard works at three levels which equate with:

  • Foundation: service delivery
  • Expert: Middle Management
  • SRO: senior management/Board

We have set out the document in two parts:

  • a background to tendering and funding: what the purcahsers really want and the context of the "Big Picture"
  • the CMS checklist in the form of eight tables which mirror those of the standard, defining what should be evidenced as happening at each of the three levels.

This is now essential reading for all who wish to attain high scores in their responses to quality questions. This aspect of tendering will become more and more important as international competition incrfeases under WTO rules, post-Brexit.

The Contract Management Standard Background and Checklist is available for£24.00 incl. VAT

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