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Business Continuity Policy for Coronavirus in Care Settings

Most care providers believe that the coverage of a "flu pandemic" in their Business Continuity Policy is sufficient for dealing with a potential Coronavirus outbreak. This is not the case. There are a number of additional concerns and actions needed which are specific to and which must be addressed in care settings. A draft policy is available to help providers protect their contracts and their business.

Business Continuity Policy for 2019 New Coronavirus

 Many companies will have s Business Continuity Policy which includes, amongst other things “pandemic flu” Boards of Directors/Trustees will believe this is sufficient to cover possibilities arising from the 2019 New Coronavirus (2019n-COV) outbreak. This is not true for a number of reasons:

  • The key to the main reason lies in the word in the name of the virus “new”. This is included because it is an entirely new virus, not linked to any other known flu virus. For existing viruses which are related to each other, there is a degree of “race” (meaning human race) or tribal immunity. This is enhanced annually by seasonal flu vaccination. But because k2019n-COV is totally new, extra precautions are necessary to stop the spread;

  •  Already we are seeing public bodies asking their contractors for an additional policy to address potential problems arising from 2019n-COV. This should not negate the terms of a traditional Business Continuity Policy but should address the possibility of all three phases of a UK Alert level 4 infection spreading.
  • A policy which is designed to contain a 2019n-COV outbreak amongst the staff of a care provider has very specific requirements if the service is to continue in the most difficult of circumstances and avoid possible breach of contract action through failure to deliver. The Board must also consider and plan for the financial and other implications of an extreme event, say no staff available.

  TfC has prepared a policy which addresses the above

concerns. It is available with briefing notes for senior staff and Board members at a cost of GBP80 + VAT = GBP96.

  You may order your copy by email from office@tenderingforcare.com who will then invoice and send you your copy on receipt of payment.

  Of course the disease may not become as widespread as the “Spanish flu” epidemic of 1919, but this is your chance to avoid becoming caught out by any one of the numerous pitfall which could arise in the event of an outbreak with the ;potential to devastate your company and the people you serve.


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