Tendering for Care

Due Diligence for Tendering

There are a number of aspects of Due Diligence which are important for those involved in the tendering process:

1) Tendering and procurement may be perceived as a highly structured due diligence exercise, indeed we are now seeing requirements included in tender documents such as

    .......to provide full details, including timings of all due diligence to be conducted prior to the award of the contract"...

2) It is essential that all organisations considering any form of collaborative working such as consortium, sub-contracting, merger, etc., undertake a full and thorough due diligence procedure with regard to the organisations with which they plan to work at an early stage in the process;

3) Increasingly the nature and extent of the specifications being published can be met only by lead providers working with  sub-contracors. It is essential that potential contractors  undertake a thorough due diligence procedure with regard to all prospective sub-contractors before submitting a tender.


TfC is able to offer a full Due Diligence for Tendering Review of your organisation and/or of your actual or potential sub-contractors This service helps you to understand how the purchaser is likely to view your company or organisation. Our report is designed to help you to be more copetitive in the procurement marketplace.

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The attached leaflet provides a very general introduction to Due Diligence for Tendering

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