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Five Keys to Successful Tendering and Bidding

Changes to tendering rules in February 2015 have resulted in new demands upon those who tender for public contracts. In addition grant making trusts have been drawn into operating competitive bidding processes.

The Five keys to successful tendering and bidding

February 2015 saw a significant change for those involved in tendering for public sector contracts. Of particular interest to the health and social care sector was the introduction of the "Light Touch Regime” also known as LTR. The second change was the requirement for the advertisement of ALL contracts with a total value of more than £625,050 in the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU). The former had little impact over the first fifteen months. Other requirements meant that tendering continued as previously. The latter change is proving to have significant impact. Wider competition has result during the period prior to June 2016 has led to contracts being awarded to companies from Spain and Sweden and even wider afield, with increasing pressures in terms of price reduction.

The requirement for competitiveness, transparency and equal treatment has resulted in grant funding charities also publishing bidding notices. Ten years ago it was thought that grant funding would disappear. This process has now been reborn, but in a manner which is compliant with the tendering processes.

These changes mean that there are five key areas for consideration by all charities and other providers who wish to be successful in tendering for public sector contracts and bid for grants. These are listed as follows and set out in detail in the downloadable document at the bottom of this page. They are:

1. Allow sufficient preparation time;

2. Know your organisation;

3. Ensure your policies are compliant;

4. Tender and Bid writing skills; and

5. Find the advertisement for a tender or bid.

TfC can help providers large and small to address any element of the new requirements.

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