Tendering for Care

Working in a Consortium and "12 Golden Rules"

A Guide to Working in a Consortium

In 2008, at the invitation of the Cabinet Office, TfC undertook the major task of editing the Government's definitive "Guide to Working in a Consortium". The booklet was published on the 11th December 2008 and can be downloaded from the link below.


The TfC 12 Golden Rules for Working in a Consortium

TfC has also published "The TfC 12 Golden Rules for Working in a Consortium" Intended as a summary of the points to consider and the actions to be undertaken in forming a consortium, the rules are intended for groups of organisations considering consortium formation for tendering purposes. The rules are useful as a quick check for Directors/Trustees and provider in all areas of health, medical and social care to understand the implications of consortium working in the context of public service delivery.

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