Tendering for Care

TfC Mentoring Service

A service which provides access to expert procurement help whenever it is needed

TfC's Mentoring Service Provides a Cost Effective was of gaining access to expert help with any aspect of procurement whenever it is needed

We offer a telephone and internet based helpline/mentoring which has an outstanding track record of providing expert help on any aspect of health and social care tendering when it is needed. Regardless of your level of experience, or success rate, there are always situations where an external, independent, expert view can be helpful. The service has had some outstanding successes:

An award of a contract was stopped within 24 hours. The contract was re-tendered and our customer went on to be awarded to contract;

A contract was wrongly applied and the customer recovered over £80,000 in unpaid fees from the purchaser;

A number of providers were helped to ask targeted clarification questions which resulted in them being awarded contracts;

Providers were helped to select and present the strongest evidence leading to contract awards;

A provider was helped to restructure the organisation so that it became more cost effective and went on to be more successful in winning contracts;


The annual subscription to the helpline/mentoring service is £600 + VAT

A customer said:

The value of the help we receive is out of all proportion to what we pay you for the service. £600 to help us win £3m!!!! Thank you.

To discuss your requirements please

Telephone: 01629 57501

email: info@tenderingforcare.com












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