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New Regulations - More Competition - Pressures on Price

Support services for providers available - all designed to meet demand from providers

TfC has provided Proven Contract Winning Support services since 2005. These services are designed specifically for Health and Social Care Providers in the public, private and voluntary sectors:

In-House Training – courses which use YOUR past tenders as an aid to learning. Two basic courses are enhanced by critical reviews of previous tenders to create an effective approach to learning. Highly cost effective courses which enable you to discuss your approach to tendering in detail with guidance as to how to improve.

Tender Reviews – a powerful learning process with record of achieving high scoring tenders. Successful tendering is about two things a) How the answers to questions are written in a context where strict word limits are applied but all elements or questions must be addressed in detail; and b) The quality of supporting evidence that you are able to provide with your tender. TfC's tender review service uses online technology and remote working to "sit beside you and go through the documents and tender drafts to produce the best possible tender. This approach has resulted in tenders consistently scoring in the range 90% to 99%. Price is not just about the total you quote, it is more and more about what you intend to do with the money. Many tenders have failed because they proposed including things that the purchaser just did not want to buy. How do you set out your porposal in a way in which the purchaser will agree with your plans?

Organisation Reviews – Is your organisation ready to meet the high, exacting standards required or successful providers? Do you KNOW that when that tender is published you have all of the evidence available which will ensure that you will be awarded a contract? or will you fail at the first stage of appraisal? Increasingly tenders are being excluded because of poor quality policies, do your policies meet the required standard? Do you have all of the systems and procedures in please that the purchaser requires. However well the tender is written if the provider is unable to evidence the “three Cs” (Capacity, Capability and Certainty) it will fail. Ensure your organisation will always pass current technical appraisal with a six monthly “TfC Compliance/evidence Audit”. One small lapse can result in exclusion - it is advisable to check in plenty of time. If you wait until the tender is published it may well be too late as many providers have discovered.

Mentoring – Whatever your level of experience, it is always helpful to have an expert on hand to act as a critical friend, to provide suggestions as to how to deal with problems, or to help you to improve your tendering technique. TfC's Mentoring Service provides just that. It helps with questions such as:To challenge or not to challenge? Should we seek clarification? What kind of evidence do they want? Is the proposed contract award compliant? How do I deal with this situation? High quality, expert and up to date technical tendering help and guidance always available from the TfC email and telephone Helpline. This service has been used iin the past to stop contract awards, and in one case to recover over £80,000 in unpaid fees. The helpline offers your specialist high quality procurement expert, always onhand, but7 at the fraction of the cost of employing an expert at tihs level.

For more information or to discuss your requirements please:

Telephone – 01629 57501

Email – info@tenderingforcare.com



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