Tendering for Care

Compliance/Evidence Audit

An audit of your policies, procedures and evidence to ensure compliance with tendering requirements

Excluded without the tender being read?

This is happening with increasing frequency typically because the evidence presented at either the Selection or Quality stage of tendering does not come up to the required standard.

The TfC audit provides you with an opportunity to have all of the evidence you presnt in support of tenders and/or bids checked by an appraisal expert. To receive a report with suggestions as to actions which might be taken by the organisation to improve. The process provides a clear insight into the way in which appraisal officers think and the questions which your responses in tenders can raise, possibly resulting in failure.

If there is a situation which you are unable to change, the audit will show you how to mitigate effectively. This process is now encouraged in the Regulations under the heading of "Self-cleaning". Te audit process highlights for you what you need to "clean" and how to go about it.

The audit is an essential tool for Senior Managers and Boards to ensure that those preparing tenders stand the best possible change of achieving a high score.

However, DO NOT leave this process until the tender is published. In our experience it can take between four and six months from an audit for matters highlighted to be addressed ready to submit a competitive tender.

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