Tendering for Care

Preparing to Tender under the EU New Directive 2014

As ever the secret to successful tendering is preparation. This is clearly the case with the range of new rules being introduced under the EU Procurement Directive 2014.

Changes are ahead for Part B procurement.More than ever preparation well in advance of any tender notice will be the key to success.

The new Directive is expected to be formally published, and therefore come into force, in Spring 2014. Each Member State has two years in which to bring the new rules into national law. The UK government is planning to complete this process by early Autumn 2014.

To help Part B contractors to get ready for the change we are planning training and support sessions dedicated to helping Health, Medical and Social Care providers understand and prepare for the changes. Competition means that those who are ready and prepared for the new systems will stand the best chance of being awarded contracts.

The new rules consider past performance in the delivery of contracts. This means that work needs to start on preparation months ahead of the publication of a tender notice. These sessions are designed to help providers to understand the requirements and to put in place to ensure that they have the evidence needed and as a result are in a position to tender succesfully

You can download our leaflet from the link below which sets out the overall changes and also details the training sessions we are planning to address the new regime in detail. The sessions are available in the face to face format and online.

ALL courses are CPD certified

Details of our training sessions can be found here

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