Tendering for Care

Business Continuity Management for Health and Social Care Providers

Meeting the requirements of BS 25999 and ISO 22301 in the delivery of Health and Social Care contracts.

Not so long ago tender questions did not ask what you would do in the event of sudden emergencies.

Now it is not unusual to be asked:

What are your plans to deliver the service in the event of an influenza epidemic?

What will you do if your delivery premises are flooded?

Then the Chief Procurement Officer of one Shire County said:

We really do want to know what you will do when the meteor strikes? And that was before the events in Russia earlier this year!

Then the following started to appear, often as a Pass/Fail question

Do you have a Business Continuity Management programme in place which comlies with BS25999?

When we investigated how Health and Social Care providers could comply with this question we discovered that there are some courses which address the subject of Business Continuity Plans, which are just one part of the overall Business Continuity Management Programme covered by the Standard. Furthermore, whilst a wide range of examples are available these mostly relate to IT services, which is understandable, or else manufacturing industries, also understandable given the way these industries are now organised. There was nothing available which took into account the very specific environment and requirements of health and Social Care contract delivery. TfC has developed a complete system for BCMP compliance which meets the requirements of the Standards in Health and Social Care Settings. We are now offering the course Business Continuity Management for Health and Social Care Providers which is based on and explains this system. The course will help you ensure that you are always able to answer "yes" to the question on BS25999/ISO 22301 and gain a competitive edge in any question where Business Continuity Management is a factor.

The course take students through BS25999 and ISO 22301 for health and Social Care. It:

  • explains the processes which are required in order to comply with the standards;
  • takes students thought the complete BCP cycle from Business As Usual to Audits;
  • identifies the separate stages and explains what providers need to do at each stage;
  • provides a checklist of the functions and areas which providers should consider;
  • helps students understand how to put together a system which addresses the requirements set out in the Standards.

Two one day courses are available:

Ref: 182/13/3101    

Venue:   33 Throgmorton Street, London EC2N 2BR (near Bank underground station)

Date:                  Wednesday 24th April 2013

Ref: 183/13/3101

Venue:   33 Throgmorton Street, London EC2N 2BR (near Bank underground station)

Date:                  Wednesday 1st  May 2013

Times:               10 am start to 4.00 pm

              (Coffee and tea is provided throughout the day lunch is not included)

               Coffee 9.30 am for 10 am start


Fees per delegate:      Non-members of TfC..................................... £252 (incl. VAT)

                                           Silver, Gold and Platinum Members of TfC........ £216 (incl. VAT)

In addition to being valuable and potentially contract winning knowledge for providers; the course is also helpful for Commissioners in understanding the Standards and how to attribute marks to answers which comply with the Standard. This course is CPD Certified.

The course is also available for delivery "in-house".

A course leaflet giving full details including the learning outcomes, together with a booking form can be downloaded below. You can also download a leflet explaining the relationship between BS25999 and ISO 22301.

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