Tendering for Care

Blended Learning

An approach which combines a face-to-face session with our highly effective online mentoring and access to web based resources.

As yet there is no consensus on a definition of blended learning. But the term is generally taken to mean"Education that combines face-to-face classroom methods with computer-mediated activities". It seems that the words "training" and "learning" are used inter-changeably. As professional teachers, we prefer the latter.

This style of learning arose from the feelings of isolation which were identified when students engaged in courses which were based entirely on the internet. Since 20009 TfC has delivered an OCN certificated course at Level 3 in Tendering and Procurement Practice to groups of up to 6 students at a time using telephone conferencing. There are 72 graduates of the course. More recently we have delivered an incfreasing number of courses which used telephone conferencing and remote working. Please see the section on "Online Courses" on this website .tenderingforcare.com/training/online/courses-delivered-online

This, together with our extensive experience of face to face training and requests from our customers has led us to develop four courses which use the blended learning format. As with all of our other courses, these are CPD certified. They will be offered for the first time as open courses frommid-January 2013, and may be booked for in-house delivery from 1st February 2013. All four courses may be tailored to suit your requirements.

The format in all cases will be compriesed of three elements:

  1. A one day face to face course;
  2. Two online mentoring sessions related to the specific subject matter of each course;
  3. Access to an online resource which inh addition to resource material will include check lists and other materials to follow up aznd embed the learning.

The titles for our first four courses are:

  1. Essentials for Winning Health and Social Care Contracts
  2. Challenging the Decisions Made by the Purchaser
  3. Tendering for Contracts to provide Children’s Services
  4. Meeting the Specification


Full details of dates will be posted shortly however the learning outcome, the course format and and mentoring session details can be downloaded in the document below.

Courses will start in January and may now be booked for in-house programmes from February onwards

I you are interested in these courses and wish to be informed as soon as the details of these and future blended learning courses are published please register to receive this information by email to tfc.courses@googlemail.com.  Please ensure that you enter the words "Blended Learning Courses" in the subject line of your email.



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