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TfC White Papers

Detailed, in-depth information and guidance for Business Development Managers, Tendering Professionals and Senior Managers in Provider organisations and companies.

TfC White Papers

  • How to use the Freedom of Information Act to obtain tendering related information;
  • What should we look out for following the liquidation of Carillon? How will tendering generally be affected?
  • What guidance is the government giving purchasers about the appraisal of Business Questionnaires?
  • What is the "Red Flag" list and how does it affect my company/organisation?

This information and much more is provided in the TfC White Papers which are available for no charge, to Business Developmeent Managers, Tendering Professionals and Senior Managers in Provider organisations. The wealth of information and guidance is based on the experience of working for more than 30 years in public sector procurement, the past ten years in providing support for those tendering for health and social care contracts.

The Introductory White Paper contains sections on:

  • The Basic Tendering Landscape at the end of 2017;
  • Problems which loom for most Housing Associations; and
  • A new ISO Standard - the replacement for OHSAS 18001 (Health and Safety) which is due to be introduced later in 2018

2018 starts with the January edition:  This is all about how to use the Freedom of Information Act to obtain the information you require on tendering relateed matters.

To sign up to receeive your copies please send an email to info@tenderingforcare.com set out as follows - ALL INFORMATION IS REQUIRED:

In the message subject line please write "White Papers"

In the email please give:

  • Your name, telephone number and position
  • The name and number of your company/charity

Please note that the White Papers are not available to individuals.

email: info@tenderingforcare.com

telephone: 01629 57501 (5 digits is correct)


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