Tendering for Care

ISO 9001:2008 Facts and Fallacies

Much confusion remains amongst providers regarding the value of obtaining the international certification standards in Management, Environmental Management and Health and Safety to Tenders. What is now very clear is that the ISO 9001:2008 has become, in many tenders, a pass/fail requirement. It is also difficult, unless this certification is in place, to provide evidence in the tender of the effeciency or the management systems which exist in the provider's organisation. A distinct advantage for providers in the health, medical and social care sectors is the heavy emphasis which this standard places upon "customer satisfation". For this reason alone having the standard in place adds competitive advantage to tenders.

Some recent appriasal systems state that the tender will be scored to ensure that it meets the requriements of Reg. 25 of the Public Contract Regulations 2006(2009)(2011). This Regulation requires that all three areas are each certified to meet an internationally recognised standard.

There is some confusion as to what a Certification Comapany is; where accreditation fits; and how to select a suitable company or organsation to provide the certificate. This paper sets out to address the facts and fallacies abouding in this area, and to advise what to look when choosing a a route to certification.


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