Tendering for Care

CQC Widget for Download

One of a range of new services introduced by the CQC. The widget allows people to find out about the history of care in an area as well as the services currently operating.

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) has launched a raft of new digital improvements including an email alert service, information sharing CQC Widget and improved historical information on care homes. The email alert service will allow people to sign up for the most up-to-date standards and quality reports about care providers across England. The alerts will provide direct, timely and reliable access to CQC activity about health and social care providers. The alerts service will continue to be developed and expanded to enable all users (including Commissioners, MPs and Journalists) to tailor their subscription by all types of services (Hospitals, Care Homes, Dentists and Other Services) as well as by geographical area, local authority or constituency.

The CQC widget gives one click access to the latest CQC inspection reports and findings. Organisations regulated by the CQC will be able to embed a summary of their inspection results on their own websites, and include a link to the full report on the CQC site. The reports tell the public whether organisations providing health and social care services meet our national quality and safety standards. Over 770 organisations have snapped up the widget so far after its soft launch on 8 October 2012and a number of major directory sites are committed to using the widget including the Your Care Home, Good Care Guide, Compare Care Homes, and Find Me Good Care which was recently launched by the Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE). When providers and locations are no longer registered with the CQC, their profile pages on our website have historically been removed. This has meant inspection reports are no longer available for those services. But from Thursday CQC will start making these available to the public, allowing them to see the histories of care at a particular location. More than 8,000 location profiles and 2,500 inspection reports will become available again on the website.

You may download the widget by clicking on the box below.

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