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The FREE TfC quarterly journal - RoundUP

RoundUP is packed with the latest information and guidance on tendering and procurement, whilst the first issue has no less than 13 major articles. It is designed to keep health and social care providers selling to public sector purchasers up to date with the latest tendering and procurement related news. The journal is intended for Business Development Managers, Directors, Trustees, corporate CEOs, Senior managers in companies and organisations providing health,medical and social care services,  GPs, Practice Manages, CCGs, voluntary sector umbrella bodies, indeed all those engaged in tendering in health and social care. However the information is also relevant to Commissioners and those engaged in providing health and social care services

 RoundUP is available free of charge to all health, medical and social care providers who deliver services under contract to public sector purchaers. These may include  GP and medical professionals, care homes, charities, private providers large and small.

 If you tender for contracts with public authorities including government departments, local authorities, PCTs, CCGs, the NHS, etc. and want to ensure that you receive your copy of RoundUp just send your request with your email address to:



The enxt issue of RoundUP will be published in January 2013 - The January 2012 issue can be downloaded from the link below


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Recipients have said:

I have only scanned it but it looks good, accessible, readable and highly valuable;

I do not know where else I could obtain the information RoundUP contains, especially appreciate the fact that it is free:

I really look forward to receiving RoundUP it gives me everything I need to know to keep up with the tendering scene in an understandable and readable format.

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