Tendering for Care

RoundUP 2014

A compilation of articles providiing essential knowledge for the preparation of Health & Social Care Tenders

RoundUP is a compilation of some of the articles which have appeared in our weekly e-journals “upDATE” and “Staying Ahead” in recent months.  This knowledge is proving extremely effective in keeping readers ahead of the competition when competing for contracts.

If you contract with a local authority or the NHS for your business it is inevitable that you will need to tender at some point, either to retain the business or to expand. But as the tendering process is dynamic, continually developing and reacting to events such the Winterbourne View problems, no provider can ever be “tender ready” for more than a short period of time. The secret of successes such as one TfC member reported today of securing a contract worth £2.7m, or the small provider who, in late May 2014, was awarded a new £500k contract on re-tender is to keep up with the changes as they occur rather than waiting until the tender is published.

The TfC e-journals service will help you keep up with the changes regardless of whether you tender for contracts weekly or only every three years or so. Where competition for contracts can amount to between 70 and 120 tenders submitted, even small factors can make a difference. As ever, the real secret of success is preparation. One TfC member said:

“At an annual cost of £144 the value of the knowledge and insight we get from TfC is out of all proportion to the real benefits we gain in terms of contracts secured”

"Thank you for this excellent service which has helped us to significantly improve our tendering success rate!"


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