Tendering for Care

UpDATE and Staying Ahead

Two weekly e-journals published specifically to help health, medical and social care providers to tender succesfully

Two highly valued weekly e-journals which have been produced on a weekly basis for Members of TfC since July 2007, designed to help providers to stay ahead of the crowd.

Designed for  providers of health, medical and social care services of all kinds to stay informed of developments in procurement and to provide the information necessary to tender competitively for public sector contracts. The journals have become an essential tool for many providers, contributing to their tendering success. one Subsciber said "I do not know anywhere else where I can have access to the information you provide".

upDATE - is structured in three sections:

1. Government announcements - these include consultations on proposed policy, draft Bills, Strategy document, statistics, statements and announcements relating to procurement, but also, crucially of matters relating to the sectors which need to be referenced or can e used for quotes in tenders. For example: a question in a tender might ask "what is your rate of staff turnover?" if you have the latest figures and are thus able to point out that your rate is x% lower than the national average, this demonstrates and provides evidence of excellent staff retention. If your rate is above the national average, then there may be somethng wrong which might be questioned at tender appraisal. It is this type of detailed knowledge and understanding that makes successful tenders.

2. A series of articles about develpments relating to the sectors at national level. These items might be new reports published which can be referenced as current knowledge and practice in tenders; details of new government programmes and initiatives; Guidance from Royal Colleges and other professional bodies; and examples of service delivery models and other aspects of good pracice.

3. Consists of news from local authoreties and other purchasers. This section is devised to provide information on what is happening, or future plans which might be relevant to the sector. We include local decisions on spending in the sector, decisions to close or open local facitilies or services; other news which might impact on future sevice delivery and which can be referenced in tenders.

Staying Ahead is designed to helps Subscribers keep up with European and UK Case law, the decisions and policies of purchasers around the country as well as the very latest on what procurement officers are looking for when scoring tenders.

This journal has provided a useful basis for losing tenderers to question some decisions made by purchasers and to know when a legal challenge might be possible. Also included are the case law changes which have had a major impact on tendering procedures and methods are reposted in detail.

When we observe trends in apporahces to tendering or tender appriasal we set these out for Subscribers. We also aim to provide advance notice of futre chaneges to enable provideres to plan for the future. For example on 23rd October 2012 subscribers received a summary of the final draft of the new EU Procurement Directive which expected to be entered in to EU towards the end of the year and into UK and Scottish law at some point in the following eighteen months.

 The TfC weekly ejournals can help your organisation to stay ahead of the crowd for just £10 per month.

An annual Subscription cost £144 (including VAT).

You can find out more about upDATE and Staying Ahead by clicking on the link below and downloading the details leaflet.

SPECIAL during October 2012 we are offering copies of two recent issues of both journals for no charge. Enquiers who subsequently subscribe to receive the ejounrals will also receive "What do I need to prepare a successful Tender?"  our guide based on the lessons learned from the 73 tenders we have reviewed and 32 tenders we have written so far during 2012 together with details of the principal changes expected in the new EU Procurement Directive due to be published at the end of this year.

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