Tendering for Care

TfC Tendering Support Services

TfC offers a wide range of tried and tested services designed to provide professional support for all health and social care provides tendering for public sector contracts

TfC Tendering Support  Services

The TfC Tendering Suppport Services have been developed to help providers of all types of health, medical and social care providers, GPs CCGs, housing associations, etc. to increase their tendering success. The services have been used extensively by customers over the past eight years and have had a significant, positive, impact on success rates.  You can choose from a range of support services, each of which can be tailored to meet the needs of your company or organisation. Together the services provide the basis for a strategic, long term approach to tendering, whilst also meeting the immediate need for the preparation of tenders which will have the opportunity to be competitive in the marketplace. The TfC Tendering Suppport Services include:

  - the Due Diligence for Tendering review which considers the capacity of your organisation or company to accept responsibility for the delivery of a public sector contract. Undertaken by practising experts in tender appraisal, the review considers a number of key aspects of your company or organisation such as accounts, finance, loans and financial borrowing  and how these are likely to be viewed and scored during PQQ and award stage appraisal. A number of aspects are appraised on a "pass/fail" basis - failure to pass one aspect meaining exclusion from the rest of the appraisal process;

  - a review of the structure, systems, policies and procedures to discover how tender appraisal is likely to see the company or organisation. Help with policy preparation for example in Conflict of Interest; Business Continuity Planning; and Environmental Policy. It is often not understood that policies are appraised as part of the process. This review can identify a number of "quick wins" - small changes which can have a significant impact on the overall tender score achieved;

 - an opportunity to have live tenders reviewed by practising experts and receive suggestions and guidance as to how those tenders might be improved to a competitive, winning standard.

 - a full PQQ preparation and tender Method Statement writing service for contracts covering all health, medical and social care related service areas.

Details of all of the TfC Tendering Support  Services can be found on the document for download at the bottom of this page.


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