Tendering for Care

Assessment of Capacity and Capability

Tendering is about providing convincing evidence that the provider has both the capacity and capability to deliver the particular contract as specified.This means that providers must plan well ahead to ensure that everything is in place to enable them to provide the confidence regarding contract delivery which purchasers want to see.

If you have a contract which will come to an end in the next few months or even sometime in the next year - NOW is the time to act.

The demands for evidence which are now being placed upon Health and Social Care providers have increased substantially. In helping providers to prepare tenders and asking for evidence of this kind we are frequently told, "we do not do that"; or "we just do not have that information available." Once engaged in the tendering process there is insufficient time to rectify these gaps and deficiencies, resulting in lower scores and ultimately failure.

On the other hand, those providers who have seen the changes coming and taken the time to plan, have the necessary detailed evidence available and, as a result, are winnning.

Successful tendering from is all about proving Capacity and Capability

However well the tender is written, if the provider is unable to provide sufficient, detailed evidence in these areas, then the tender will fail.

Assessing capacity and capability therefore is an essential part of the process of :

  • planning to tender as a new provider;
  • planning to re-tender for an existing conract; or
  • considering who to work with in a collaborative, partnership or consortium arrangement.

The secret  is to ensure that the assessment is undertaken with time to spare to undertake remedial action and/or before any commitments are made.

Public Services Directive 2014/24/EU

The UK Government plans to adopt a new set of Regulations in 2015 which will implement the Directive in UK law. However many purchasers of Health and Social Care services adopted  the new requirements soon after the Directive became EU law on 14th April 2014. This means that demands being made upon providers are much more rigous, with much more evidence being required than was previously the case. It is these new regulations which are driving the demand for tenderers to be able to produce detailed evidence of their capacity and capability to deliver the contract.

TfC Assessment Service

As TfC works both on independent tender appraisal for purchasers and on the preparation of tenders for service providers we are well place to identify new demands as these become apparent. We offer a service which reviews all aspects of capacity and capability with regard to specific health and social care serices. We prepare a detailed report which sets out recommended actions and timescales. In some cases we are able to provide models of good practice and templates which providers are able to amend for their own use.

As with all of our services we provide a cost effective solution which is tailored to the requirements of each individual client.

Please contact us for further details:

Tel: 01629 57501

email: info@renderingforcare.com

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