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Preparing Competitive tenders and successful bids. TfC tender authoring service provides a complete tender preparation service. We work with you to prepare the best possible tender based on the information which you provide. Successful tendering for public sector contracts is not about producing creative prose or marketing. It is about demonstrating, with evidence, your capacity and capability to deliver all of the services set out in the specification. To do this in a manner which provides the purchaser with the certainty that you will comply with all of the contractual requirements.

To be successful in the current tendering environment this requires considerable technical skills which require tender writing to be undertaken within very strict word or even character counts and to still communicate sufficient detail to ensure that the overall offer is competitive. Many tenders are currently failing because the authors continue to write in a style which has worked in the past, often using a high risk approach od using "creative prose". Because TfC undertakes tender appraisal it understand the demands, rigors and disciplines which are now required to prepare competitive tenders.

The requirements of the misrepresntation Act 1967 means that, in order to be successful and to ensure that you do not find yourself in breach of contract at a later stage, we must work closely with you, the tender undergoing a serice of drafts. we avoid a creative apporach and the use of extravagant claims which cannot be evidenced. However, the process requires your commitment to provide a great deal of detail, documents and other information as the preparation proceeds. All tenders entail a considerable amount of work from all involved so your participation is vital to the succes of the exercie. Over recent years TfC has had considerable experience of preparing competitive and winning tenders. A purchaser remarked of one of our efforts:

The tender was a masterclass in how a tender should be prepared.

We operate under strict confidentiality and Conflict of Interest policies so that you can be sure that the information which you share with us will be respected at all times.

During the process we will:

  • go through the tender documents with you and plan the actions required by both parties for the tender to be submitted on time:
  • provide checklists of the documentation, records, reports and information necessary to submit a competitive public sector tender. You agree to provide us with all documentation and evidence requested. Advice will be given as to how any gaps in the documentation or potential problems might be mitigated;
  • agree the strategic approach to meeting the purchaser's requirements as set out in the specification;
  • prepare drafts under your instructions to ensure that the tender accurately reflects your business approach and the methodology to be used to deliver the contract thereby ensure that we comply with the requirements of the Misrepresentation Act 1967;
  • submit drafts as agreed for consideration and approval of the content and claims made. You provide comments and the inforomatio requested within the agreed timescales;
  • Drafts are submitted to you as and when agreed for checking, signature and submission to the purchaser in order to meet the deadline.


We quote on a case by case bases. Our price depaned largely upon the number of words which the PQQ, tender or bid requires. However we suggest that your tender should be booked into out CoI database as early as possible to ensure that we do not accept a request to prepare a tender for one of your competitors.

Please contact us at your earliest convenience to discuss your requirements

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