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Finding Opportunities for Grant Funding

The Smart Solution to finding grant and funding bidding opportunities as they are published.

Win the Funding Race with Details of Opportunities Published Twice Weekly

 The Smart Solution to information on funding opportunities is the:

 TfC Funding and Grant Information Service

 "Smart Sourcing" is the new way to source information on funding and grant aid as it is published.

Suitable for:

  •  ·         Charities;
  • ·         Housing Associations;
  • ·         Co-operatives
  • ·         Community Interest Companies;
  • ·         Social Enterprises;
  • ·         Exempt Charities;
  • ·         Schools;
  • ·         Universities;
  • ·         Social Care providers;
  • ·         Local Authorities, etc

 Funders and grant making trusts advertise their opportunities giving information about:

  •  ·         What they will fund;
  • ·         Where the beneficiaries will be located; and
  • ·         When and how to apply.

 Smart organisations looking for funding and grant aid now dispense with Directories and databases, relying instead  announcements of bidding opportunities which are provided by email, twice each week. Sometimes up to 12 notices can be published over two or three days some with time to deadline as short as 15 days leaving little time for a well thought through bid to be produced.

Organisations tell us that they have converted the previous 80% staff time spent on researching sources to 10%; with the TfC service 90% of staff time is now spent on actual work connected with and writing winning bids.

   Knowing about an opportunity as soon as it is published results in higher quality bids and increased income due to more time available to work on the bid.

 TfC has provided notices of bidding opportunities for grants and funding to a wide range of organisations, large and small, over the past fourteen years.

A national charity told us: We have trebled our income over the past year as a direct result of receiving notices of bidding opportunities as they are published. We decide quickly if we are going to bid for a particular grant and then spend much more time getting the application right.

 Funding and grant aid opportunities include:

  •  ·         Charities;
  • ·         Trusts;
  • ·         Local Authorities;
  • ·         Unitary Councils;
  • ·         Parish Councils;
  • ·         Councils for Voluntary Service;
  • ·         Government Departments alone and with others;
  • ·         European Sources such as ERDF/ESF (grants awarded prior to Brexit will continue to be funded from government sources) pleas note that all projects      are match funded from public sources.

  A small local charity said: We did not know about local authority funding until it was too late to bid. We now know as soon as the opportunity opens and are winning grants as a result.

 A University said: The problem for us has been the relatively short deadlines. We now learn about opportunities within a day or two of publication which helps us to consult with staff andsubmit realistic bids.

  Subscribers also receive twice weekly sets of notices and links to government announcements. You receive the actual documents not interpretations prepared by media and other organisations. These include:

  •  ·         Access to sets of statistics which can be used for quotations in bids;
  • ·         Opportunities to contribute to government consultations;
  • ·         Information about new and forthcoming legislation;
  • ·         Details of new public programmes which can include funding opportunities.

  A school said: We neede accurate figures for staffing ratios and pay scales to ensure that our budget would cover the work planned. Being able to reference national and regional statistics and current pay scales helped us prepare a winning bid.

 A charity providing services for homeless people said: Our bid succeeded because we were able to quote accurate figures for different age groups referenced to government sources.

To receive twice weekly:

  • Published notices of funding and grant opportunities from the sources set out above; and
  • Links to Government publications relating to health, social care, services for elderly people and children, schools and education.

Register to subscribe at one of two rates:

 The Standard annual rate is for all Universities, Social enterprises, Local Authorities and other exempted charities, private companies and commercial businesses (1-2 2mail recipients: £240 + VAT = £288

 The Reduced annual rate for Registered Charities of all types including Housing Associations and all schools: £140 + VAT = £168

  A Social Enterprise said; We work to help people into employment. We were not aware that EU/Government funding is available. Thank you for your expertise in helping us  secure a significant grant to expand our work.

 To Register:

 Download and complete the Registration form

 Email to office@tenderingforcare.com or

 Post to: Tendering for Care

 Stanton House, 49-51 Stanton Road

 Ilkeston, Derbyshire

 DE7 5FW




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