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Courses and other opportunities available in April/May 2013

As far as tendering for public sector contracts is concerned, we are living through a period of change. This started early in 2012 with the introduction of significant changes in the way in which tenders are written; January 2013 saw the Social Values Act come into force; then  April 1st 2013 saw the introduction of massive changes in responsibility for purchasing a wide range of social care services.

Successful tendering now requires technical knowledge of tender preparation, but this is not just the responsibility of those who prepare tenders, but of the entire organisation must be involved in providing the detailed information which is now required. As ever the secret to successful tendering is preparation.

Business Continuity Planning

In the past it was sufficient to confirm that facilities /systems are in place to deal with flooding and an outbreak of Avian flu. Now this is not sufficient. The requirement, on a Pass/Fail basis for a Business Continuity Management Programme to BS29555/ISO 22301 standard is increasing. In any case, having a programme which meets those standards provides competitive advantage. Places are available on Business Continuity Management for Health and Social Care Providers in London on 24th April and 1st May. Full details can be found by clicking here

Understanding Successful Tendering

This is a series of three courses each of which considers a different aspect of tendering in 2013. The courses may be undertaken singly, or as a series, depending on the learning requirements. Places are available on the next series in London:

  • Introduction to Tendering for Health and Social Care Contracts: on 13th May. This course considers the legal and organisational requirements; what systems the purchasers expect to be in place; the evidence required for the PQQ/tender selection; and how tenders are scored. (Full day)
  • Preparing Effective Tenders:  on 20th May. This course is in the form of a practical workshop which goes through how to prepare a winning tender. Elements of high scoring answers are discussed as well as the new requirements for success. (Full day)
  • Aspects of Winning Health and Social Care Tenders: on 22nd May. This course looks in detail at winning answers and creates a set of “Golden Rules for winning contracts in 2013. (Half day morning or afternoon)

Full details can be found by clicking here

In-house courses

Where groups of staff, or members of voluntary organisations, CCGs, federations, etc. require training, courses delivered in-house can provide a cost effective solution. Full details can be found here

We have a wide range of courses which can be delivered in-house, tailored to the particular needs of the organisation:

  • Understanding Successful Tendering in 2013 programme: A 2.5 day programme with examples tailored to your sector and requirements. Details can be found here
  • Developing Skills – for Successful Tendering in 2013; has been developed over the past year with a number of providers. This powerful course provides exceptionally effective learning for the entire organisation use as its starting point one of the organisation’s own tenders. This can be a failed tender or one which is being prepared for submission.. The course is available in three formats:
  • Two Day;
  • One Day:
  • Online – webinar

This course is already popular in all three formats so early booking is advised. Details can be found here

 All TfC courses have been CPD certified since January 2011. They are delivered by an organisation which has been an OCN Registered Centre since March 2008 and won a National Training Award in 2008.

TfC is the only organisation which specialises exclusively on tender ing procurement matters in the health, medical and social care sectors.

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