Tendering for Care

New Grant Programme

Funding for voluntary organisations and charities working with children and young people

Voluntary and community sector (VCS) funding – new grant programme

The Department for Education published a National Prospectus Grants Programme 2013-15 which is now open to applications. Applicants are invited to submit proposals to improve outcomes for children, young people and families with a particular emphasis on early intervention and supporting the most disadvantaged.

The funding will provide up to £30 million for each year in 2013-14 and 2014-15 and projects will contribute to policy thinking and delivery on the ground to:

  • promote excellence in early education and childcare, so enabling all children to achieve success in their early years and later education;
  • develop and reform services that support children with SEN, disabilities and other health needs;
  • develop and reform safeguarding services that protect and support children at risk of harm;
  • develop and reform the care system and speed up the process of adoption; and
  • focus and develop local services to improve outcomes for vulnerable and disadvantaged young people.

Proposals should be submitted using the application form and returned by email along with accompanying documents no later than noon on 30 November


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