Tendering for Care

The TfC Public Procurement Glossary

TfC first produced a Glossary of terms and terminology used in Public Sector Tendering in 2007. This was in response to requests from customers for a document which explains the common terms used in tendering and procurement. The Glossary is proving to be very popular with Health and Social Care providers having been downloaded almost 6,000 times in the past three years. But tendering and procurement are ever developing, therefore, as in previous years, we are one again delighted to publish the latest version of the Glossary. For these reasons the document should continue to be regarded as "work in progress" as the procurement scene continues to develop. 

The March 2012 version of The TfC Public Procurement Glossary 2012 contains over 120 headings related to public procurement matters. In addition to the nine important court decisions added in 2011. We now have information related to the implementation of the Remedies Directive, and some NHS procurement terms.

The Glossary is available as a FREE download from the link at the bottom of this page.

 The glossary will be further expanded early in 2013 to take account of the Health and Social Care Bill 2010 - 2012 and developments in health and medical tendering and procurement.


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